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residential propane tanksA keep-fill service (automatic delivery) is available. We track what you use and come and fill your tank when it’s between 10-20%. You don’t need to watch your tank or call us for a delivery. There is no charge for this service.

We also offer a prebuy option. This allows you to buy ahead at a locked-in price.

A budget program is available to help spread out your payments.

Payments can be made by cash, check, automated drafting or credit card.

Free safety check, tank painting and insurance for leased tank customers.

SeversonOil-service-area-50-mileSeverson Oil Company delivers propane to homes, farms and businesses in the southeastern part of Minnesota and into the west central area of Wisconsin. Residential deliveries (most commonly 120-1000 gallon tank sizes) are made with smaller trucks called ‘bobtails’. Our transport trucks make deliveries to larger tank sizes.

Propane can be used for heating, cooking, drying clothes, corn drying, water heaters, forklift operations, as an alternate vehicle fuel as well as other applications.

Please call us at 507-452-4743, or 800-657-4661 for the latest propane prices.

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