About us

Severson Oil, Fuel Oil Company, Local Oil Companies

Severson Oil Company was introduced in the oil business in 1939 when Orville Severson became a commissioned agent for Conoco. Subsequently, he was a jobber serving farmers, heating customers, lubrication and service station accounts, as well as operating a station in the Harmony, Minnesota, area.

Tom Severson worked in his father’s station and on deliveries while growing up. After attending Luther College and serving in the Army in Vietnam, he worked for Conoco for twelve years in various capacities.

In 1981, Tom purchased Christenson Oil Company, which serviced the Winona, Minnesota, area and converted the product line from Texaco to Conoco.

We have since expanded into lubes, chemicals, propane, fuels, and fuel additives. We sell many brands including Conoco, Mileage, Amoco, Kendall, E-85, Phillips Aviation, racing gas, Alky Race fuels, Severson Specialty Oils, 76, Mobil, Shell, Texaco, ValvTect Diesel Guard and fuel additives, Tierra Java coffees, and Steel King canopies.